When you can't wait for clarity tomorrow.

Amethyst cuts through the chaos to deliver operational transparency and unparalleled support.

Walking the walk of progressive values isn’t always easy.

Operations can take precious time away from your day-to-day. Every organization hits roadblocks. Hurdles come in all shapes and sizes, from unexpected growing pains to planning a strategy that aligns with your morals and values.

Hand off the sticky operations tasks, projects, and emergencies to Amethyst and spend more time focused on your passion. With Amethyst following up on details like employer compliance and proactively planning around your organization’s needs, you are free to focus on making sure your organization achieves its mission.

Proactive solutions 
you can count on.

Get that gut-check
Amethyst is your reliable and thoughtful sounding board when you need a fresh set of eyes.
Hand HR over to the experts
Let’s be honest, human resources isn’t for everyone, but it is for us.
Go fractional
C-suite talent can be costly–Amethyst does fractional work at a fraction of the cost.

Amethyst helped standardize processes for an organization with naturally high turnover. They’ve been a trusted partner in ensuring that our organization was set up to handle a large staff and are present for day-to-day questions and problems that naturally arise in this particular line of work. We (and me, personally) are super grateful to be working with them and look forward to continuing that relationship.

photo of Andrew Whitley, Executive Director of the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee
Andrew Whitley
Executive Director

Everyone on the Amethyst team has not only been helpful but are always a joy to work with. Sarah has been an amazing asset to our company and we look forward to continuing our work together.

photo of Rahsja Allen, Business Manager at Beehive Waxing
Rahsja Allen
Business Manager

Amethyst has been an essential partner in transitioning our firm’s operational structure from a series of disparate (often less than organized) parts into a cohesive whole. The improvement has been night and day, allowing our small staff to focus our time and attention on delivering for our clients, rather than clawing our way through hours of organizational weeds. We highly recommend teaming with Amethyst for any organization looking to sharpen and improve their business operations – you will absolutely be glad you did.

photo of George Ross, Partner and Creative Director Bearstar Strategies
George Ross
Partner + Creative Director

Amethyst has been a priceless partner to our People Operations team. They have provided us with endless expertise and support with several functions, including benefits reporting, state tax quarterly filings, and transition planning. Amethyst is always willing to be a thought partner and provide information and resources for our team to utilize and learn from.

Photo of Haley G., Deputy People Operations Director at Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Haley G.
Deputy People Operations Director

I didn’t know how much we needed Amethyst until we started working with them. They have been critical to our company during a period of rapid transition and growth. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

photo of Cassie Tinsmon, president of Katz Compliance
Cassie Tinsmon

Amethyst was instrumental in the launch of our company. They were exceptionally helpful at guiding us every step of the way while also preparing us for the future. We’ve appreciated their insights to the vast amount of options available to our growing company while understanding our needs and lending their expertise across many facets of our people and operations structures. I can’t recommend them enough.

photo of Tom Pino, President and CEO at Polaris Strategies
Tom Pino

Lead with confidence.

Ideate and implement organizational strategy
Create and implement operational strategies during or after a high growth period
Foster a work environment where your staff are thriving, even though the busiest times of the year or cycle
Implement communication strategies within your organization that improve productivity and efficiency
Support people managers with clear cut organizational policies and procedures that allows them to focus on their day to day work
Address decision fatigue
Hand over recurring items, such as vacation tracking, payroll, and performance review processes to free up brain-space
Build a path to updated organizational structures that allow success throughout your organization
Receive tailored recommendations purpose-built for your organization and within your constraints
Hand over recurring items, such as vacation tracking, payroll, and performance review processes to free up brain space
Improve your employee relations
Gain comfort in conducting difficult conversations through the process of executive and leadership coaching
Improve organizational communications to increase employee happiness
Identify gaps in your employee retention and development practices
Build better management structures to increase team performance

Your questions, answered.

  • What are some examples of the services you offer?

    Amethyst provides operations and people operations support that span the organizational lifecycle and the employee lifecycle.

    This means we help new companies and organizations, existing organizations, and legacy organizations with strategy, projects and tasks across a large number of challenges. Those projects can include people operations focused work, such as hiring processes, benefits acquisition, performance reviews and more, and can also include more operations work, such as organizational insurance acquisition and renewals, ongoing state employer compliance and more.

    Our work also includes the intersection of people operations, financial operations, logistics and legal.

  • What kind of work is outside your scope?

    At Amethyst, we work very closely with accountants, attorneys, CFOs, and organizational leaders, but we are not financial, tax, or legal professionals.

    We believe that there is a large intersection between financial operations and the work we do, and we pride ourselves on the close and highly functional relationships we maintain with our financial operations partners.

    Similarly, we work closely with legal professionals on many matters, and can refer our clients to legal professionals when work is outside our scope.

  • How does Amethyst structure their agreements with clients?

    Every agreement is a custom collaboration based on the unique needs of the organization. Amethyst believes that cookie-cutter services and solutions shortchange our clients, so instead of wasting time trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, we develop custom agreements for each entity.

    Amethyst Operations service offerings generally fall into one of three tiers: full service, principal clients, where Amethyst plays a fractional COO/CPO role; project-based work, where Amethyst provides services based on project-specific needs; and limited services, where Amethyst plays an advisory role to leadership teams with strong operational skills or an existing team.

  • What are some of the benefits of having a fractional COO/CPO instead of hiring a full-time staff person?

    The best C-Suite People & Operations leaders can cost upwards of $175-300k and frankly not every organization can afford to retain that level of talent on a full-time basis. Amethyst offers senior-level service for a fraction of the cost, bringing our clients the experience, strategy, and execution of a Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief People Officer.

    Hiring a fractional executive also means your organization doesn’t invest resources in providing health or retirement benefits to a highly compensated staff person as well, freeing up those dollars to focus on your mission instead.

  • What types of organizations does Amethyst work with?

    At Amethyst we are committed to partnering with organizations and leaders who are aligned with our morals and ethics.

    Our mission is to work with organizations to facilitate the creation of a working environment for their employees and staff that is supportive, efficient and thoughtful, and ultimately allows the organization to achieve their mission and goals while being respectful of their staff.

    Amethyst has worked with mission-driven organizations, political advocacy groups, small businesses, and start-ups. Our sweet spot is working with organizations with fewer than 200 employees, but we have also worked with larger organizations. All our clients are based in the United States, and many teams are distributed across the country.

  • My organization has grown quickly and feels out of control—can Amethyst help?

    Yes! We’ve been there, and know how to help. Growing is such an accomplishment but it has unexpected hurdles, such as adjusting policies and procedures, and creating new and more efficient ways of communicating with a larger group of people.

    We can also help strategize around growth that triggers a re-org and the related changes that ripple off a reorganization.

  • Does Amethyst work with organizations in every state?

    Yep! We specialize in remote first companies, and so have the expertise and skills to help distributed organizations navigate the myriad challenges of running a remote organization (along with the benefits!). Amethyst also works with hybrid and in-person organizations, so regardless of how you staff your company we can help.

  • What is your hourly rate?

    At Amethyst we use an hourly rate very infrequently, as we believe that our support comes with the kind of strategy, thoughtwork and professional development that delivers exceptional results. The large majority of our clients agree that our retainer style agreements deliver the best support for their organization, without feeling like they’re being nickeled and dimed.

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